What Kind Of Viking Would You Have Been?

The Vikings had a social structure that was more flexible than many cultures. What kind of Viking would you have been?

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What Kind Of Viking Would You Have Been?

1. Do you like to be in charge?

Yes No I am not sure. I never get the chance.

2. Are you a storyteller?

Yes No

3. Do you think you are resourceful?

Yes Not especially

4. Do you think you are fairly knowledgeable about other cultures and societies?

Yes No

5. Are you good at making successful plans?

Yes Not especially

6. Do you get extremely upset at injustice?

Yes Not especially ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

King or Earl
Vikings did not view kings as exceptional or royal. Instead, they viewed them as smart and exceptionally able men. They only governed over smaller regions and not the entire nation. Much like a Viking king or earl, you know how to protect and take care of those who depend on you. You are a good public speaker, and you have a generous spirit.

Viking chieftains were responsible for administering justice and often were local priests. They were viewed as having special relationships with the gods. Much like a Viking chieftain, you feel responsible for making sure things are fair. You are also a very spiritual person and enjoy sharing your spirituality with others!

Slaves were often captives from wars or lawbreakers who had to act as slaves until their debts had been paid (often for the person that they had wronged). Much like a Viking slave, you feel caught in a situation you can't escape. Your debts keep you from changing your life for the better. You know you can set yourself free if you just pay back the people you owe.

Poets were highly esteemed in Viking culture. They were the means by which Viking culture was passed from generation to generation, so they were held in high regard. Much like a Viking poet, you have a way with words. People enjoy listening to you tell a story, and you enjoy telling them. You have a love of tradition and history.

Farmers were treated as freemen, with a voice in public affairs and freedom of speech. They were depended on to provide food for the entire area and were protected to the full extent of the law. Much like a Viking farmer, you have a green thumb and you are considered an important provider in many ways for those you care for.

Viking merchants provided many goods and services. They often had more knowledge of the outside world than many people. Much like Viking merchants, you are dependable and knowledgeable. People depend on you, and you are good at rising to the occasion.