Are You A Bot?

This is a short, fun quiz that will tell you what your bot status is.Do you enjoy telling others about certain products? Maybe you enjoy sending some of the best chain messages to everyone?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Family/friend bot status
You are not actually a bot, but you are basically the beginning of it. You are the family member/friend that sends a ton of people chain messages as often as possible. Most people don't respond, but you still send them routinely.

Sales person bot status
You understand sales is all about the numbers the law of averages in sales says that 3 out of 10 people will buy. So in order to make sure that you are reaching the people you bombard anyone you can with product material. You don't mean any harm, but it is really annoying.

Multi-level marketing bot status
In order for you to be successful you need to get a strong base under you. Not only do you try and sale anyone you meet on your company but everyone you know on social media as well. You send out your info and try to get referrals to continue to solicit your product.

Sweepstakes Co status
Advertising is a huge part of what you guys do, the money you give away is genuine, but like anything else the chances of winning are very, very low. So you send out a ton of sweepstakes entry forms, someone will win everyone else just get a chance to fill out offers from your advertisers.

Hacker status
You are basically an untrustworthy source. People don't ever know when you will attempt to hack into their computer. You will send out tons of spam email with a virus or some sort of spyware on it.

You are not a human you are a machine that has been set up by a company, and your sole responsibility is to solicit the companies material. Massive amounts of spam is sent out daily through you. This is very annoying to consumers but that will not stop you or your company.