Where Is Your Life Headed Right Now?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Towards A Great Education
Right now, your life is headed towards a great education!For you the thing that matters most is procuring a great education and following your dreams in life. You know what you want and nothing is about to stop you from achieving your goals no matter what the cost!

Towards Marriage
Right now, your life is headed towards marriage! Maybe you just met someone new and you think that they might be the one. Perhaps you've been dating someone for awhile. Whatever the situation, you're going to be engaged and headed towards marriage in no time! Are you ready? We sure think so!

Towards Success
Right now your life is headed towards amazing success! You're an ambitious and driven soul who isn't afraid to go after what you want at all costs. You're whip smart and connected, which means your life is headed towards meaningful success!

Towards Parenthood
Right now, your life is headed towards parenthood! You've already got the house, a great partner, and a good job. Now you're ready to take the big step into parenthood! You've always known you'd be a parent one day and that day is coming much sooner than you think!

Towards Happiness
Right now, your life is headed towards happiness! Maybe you've had a life that has been full of ups and downs. Perhaps you've been feeling like happiness just isn't in the cards for you personally. Think again! Your life is finally headed towards a place of total happiness and contentment. Soon enough, all of the grey skies will be behind you!