How Old Are You At Heart?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Young! Probably Around 8 Years Old
You like to have all the fun you can have, even though you may be a bit immature at times. You don't mind getting dirty as long as you're having fun doing it!

A Teenager! Probably Around 17
You're a teenager. You love technology and hanging out with friends. Even though you might not be as active as a younger person, you still love to have your own version of fun with friends.

Young Adult! You're Probably In Your Mid 20's At Heart
You're a young adult. You have a lot of responsibilities and it makes it hard to find time to relax between all of your obligations. You still like to have fun, but life is starting to wear you down!

You're An Adult! Probably Well Into Your 40's At Heart
You've matured and aged like a fine wine. You're probably starting to be called an old fuddy duddy by the younger crowd because you're idea of fun is more like sitting around watching the news or going to small social gatherings of the neighborhood.

You're Old At Heart! Only 65 And Up For You
You've been around for a while and everyone pretty much loves you. You might reject the new technology, but the fact that you still find coloring fun and that you probably have more time for it from retirement means that you get along pretty well with the younger generations. You have a carefree attitude with the wisdom to make everyone stop and wonder how old you really are.

You're So Old That You're Not Even Around Anymore
You're quite old at heart, so old that I'm not even sure you belong in this century! You have a very conservative view on things and you tend to hate anything new. You can still be fun, but not many people will understand your version of fun nowadays.