What’s Your Hawaiian Name?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The name Momilani means "pearl from heaven" and that is really what you are to your friends and family. You have the calming energy that makes everyone around you love you. Some people are just born with that! Enjoy your power to bring elegance into everything you do and joy to people's lives. When everyone around you is happy, you're happy, too.

Do you have pale skin, dark hair and red lips? Chances are that you do, but even if you don't you're still the snow beauty inside! That's the meaning of this beautiful Hawaiian name that suits you perfectly. You remind people of some fairy tale beauty and they probably treat you like that. Winter is your time of the year and you should be always be outside when it's snowing - let those around you enjoy your unique beauty.

The name Hokulani means "divine star", and you, dear beauty, are absolutely out of this world. Not a lot women can say that about themselves. You're truly special and unique and you should never forget that. You're born for great things. Find your real passion and follow it as if anyone has the capability to do so, it's you.

Aside from sounding beautiful, the name Kala has a gorgeous meaning, too - "princess". You are definitely a princess in your own way. Even if you don't often feel like Disney or fairy tale princess, don't forget that you definitely have it in you and that all you need to wake you inner princess up is some motivation. So, if you already haven't, find that someone who motivates you and get ready to transform into a first-class beauty you deserve to be!

"The light of the day" - gorgeous translation for this gorgeous Hawaiian name. You truly are the light of the day for everyone around you. Your close ones love you to death, and people you meet during your daily activities have the urge to get to know you better. Who can blame them? Everyone needs someone like you to bring the little sunshine into their lives!