How Long Would You Survive In The Wild?

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Few Hours
You might only last a few hours in the wild. It's not that you're not wilderness savvy, you just prefer the comforts of home. A hot shower, a warm bed, and of course food that you don't have to track down and hunt first.

One Day
You could easily last 24 hours in the wild. We believe in your ability to pitch a tent, procure some food, and start a fire. However, you might miss the pleasantries of home after a day or so. You just prefer the finer things in life!

One Week
Unlike most, you could easily last one week in the wild. You don't shy away from a challenge and would try to make the best of a less than perfect situation. You're likely the type to start a fire, catch a fish or two, and spend some leisure time taking in the great outdoors.

One Month
What's a month in the wild to a survivalist like yourself? Nothing. You could easily last 31 days in the great unknown. No matches? No worries. You've already created a fire using some flint and a sharpened stick. You are a nature savvy and brave individual who does not shy away from a challenge!

Six Months
Are you sure you're not survival expert Bear Grylls? Because you've sure got us fooled. You are the type of individual that could last six months in the wild without a problem. Food? Shelter? You've got it all covered. You are a fearless and brave individual, with the quick wit and guts necessary to make it in the wild.