What Do You Expect On Valentine's Day?

Romance means something different to everyone. Find the key to your heart before Valentine's Day rolls around.

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A Galentine Party!
You are happy to be single, and you have plenty of friends who feel the same way! This February 14, you hope to be laughing and celebrating with your friends. You're certainly not going to sigh around the house because you don't have a guy to take you out. Let the girl power begin!

A Proposal!
You've been with your sweetheart for a while now, and you've never felt more happy and secure in a relationship. This February 14, you would like nothing more than to see your sweetie get down on one knee. You can't wait to officially start your life together!

A Bouquet!
You're a sweet, simple person, and it doesn't take much to make you happy. A bouquet of flowers is enough to make you smile all day long. Any more would make you uncomfortable; you shy away from extravagance.

A Getaway!
For you, romance is all about excitement and novelty. In fact, you can fall in love with places and experiences just as easily as you can fall in love with people. If your sweetheart doesn't whisk you away this February 14, you might just decide to fly solo!!

A Confession!
You know that special someone, the one whose name we're not allowed to say yet? It's pretty obvious that the sparks are flying between you two. This February 14, something's gotta give. Either he confesses his feelings for you, or you just might spill the beans yourself!