Is Your Personality More LIke A Cat Or A Dog?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Definitely a Dog
Your personality is definitely more like a dog. You are loyal, friendly, and always up for an adventure. You are truly a people pleaser who likes to be amongst others at all times. Playful and energetic, you can't help but live life to the fullest.

Definitely a Cat
Your personality is definitely cat like. Independent, quiet, and curious, you are very feline in your tendencies. You prefer quiet activities such as crafting, knitting, and reading. While you enjoy the company of people, sometimes social outings can feel draining, and you just feel like curling up in a quiet corner alone.

Feline Tendencies
Your personality has feline tendencies. You are an independent adventurer. While your dog like counterparts like to constantly be amongst people, you prefer to explore life on your own time. It's very often your way or the highway. This isn't a bad thing. You know what you want and you go for it, just like our four legged cat friends

Somewhat Dog Like
You are somewhat dog like in your personality. While you are loyal and kind, you can often be quite shy and timid. You prefer alone time and can easily feel tuckered out with too much social interaction.

Cat and Dog Traits
Your personality has both cat and dog traits. You are independent and fierce, but soft and kind. You love people but you don't need them. You are hungry for more, but at the same time you are satisfied with what you have been given. Congrats, you are the perfect combination of both pets.