How Long is Your Attention Span?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Adult ADD
You have a lot of unfinished projects laying around the house. You have good intentions but rarely follow through. Your New Year's resolutions are broken before January 2nd. You have Adult ADD.

Easily Distracted
Squirrel- You have the tendency to start a new conversation mid-sentence. You have loads of ambition and brilliant ideas but rarely the gumption to stick to them. Other people often have a difficult time keeping up with your train of thought. You are easily distracted.

Razor-Sharp Focus
You are precise and endure to the end when a difficult task is placed before you. You love the challenge of being able to complete what so many others cannot. You could be a brain surgeon, you are so careful. You have a Razor-sharp focus.

Normal Attention Span
You can get distracted sometimes, but more often than not, you are able to focus enough to complete important tasks. Sure you might have broken a few diets or New Year's resolutions, but so have the rest of us. You have a normal attention span.

Strong Attention Span
You have the ability to focus on a difficult task long after others have thrown in the towel. You could complete a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle in a matter of days. Others look to you to motivate them when they feel like giving up. You have a strong attention span.