What Foreign Language Should You Learn?

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Not everybody has what it takes to speak a language so full of nuances and elegance, but you do. Your style and grace would fool even the finest Parisians that you are one of them. J'adore Francais. You should learn to speak French.

You want to travel to many exciting locales from Europe to Costa Rica and Argentina. Because you want to go to so many different locales, you need a language that is just as versatile as you are. You should learn Spanish.

You long to explore the best that Europe has to offer. You admire the great minds from the Renaissance like Dante, Michelangelo, and Da Vinci. You yearn to be surrounded by gourmet food made from fresh ingredients, excellent wine, and beautiful architecture and art. You should learn Italian.

You are cutting edge, and want to be ahead of the times. You aren't afraid of what the future holds and are drawn to exotic locales that are about as different from your real life as you can get. You should learn Chinese.

You are so intelligent, that you can learn a language that requires a whole new alphabet and still pull it off with ease. You want to speak a language that only a few other Americans can. You should learn Russian.