What Kind Of Sister Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You always look out for your siblings no matter what. You want to make sure that's they're excelling in their life and you can't help but give them encouraging words and advice. You will always be by your sibling's side no matter what.

The Best Friend
You are close with your siblings and know that you can tell them anything. You share a close bond that many siblings don't have.

You make sure your siblings are safe no matter what. You are always looking out for them and are concerned when they don't make the right choices. Maybe you get a little too protective sometimes but it's only because you love them!

The Role Model
Your siblings look up to you and you make sure to try and be a good role model for them. While it may be a stressful situation sometimes, you're more than happy to rise to the occasion and show them a positive role model.

You and your siblings may be close but you love your space. No matter where your siblings may be, they know you love them and will always have you back for them.