How Mentally Strong Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Mental Master
You are a mental master! You have a strong moral compass and you know what you believe in. You are not easily swayed or changed by the opinions of others. You have strong core beliefs and a sense of value and purpose.

Mentally Sensitive
You are mentally sensitive! You are a highly empathetic person that can't help but feel sensitive to your own issues and the issues of others. Though you are compassionate, you are far from weak. In fact, your greatest strength is in the love and care you show to others.

Strong And Mighty
You are strong and mighty! You are steadfast in your beliefs, strong in self confidence, and highly intelligent. No one can make you feel any less than what you are or make you feel inadequate. You use your mental strengths to meet your goals, give others confidence, and change the world for the better.

Mentally Resilient
You are mentally resilient! You've been through some truly hard times in life. And though these things have affected you in a negative way, you've never let them keep you down for long. You are strong, resilient, and brave. You know that if you just keep going and do the right thing, that eventually everything will work out.

Mentally Sound
You are mentally sound! You are the perfect blend of strength and compassion. Even though you can be a bit headstrong and opinionated at times, you are truly a loving and caring individual. You have found the perfect balance of looking after yourself and looking after others.