What Would You Like To Change In The World?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Stop Bullying Completely
While there may be efforts to try and stop bullying nowadays, it's still happening frequently. You wish to help those who are being bullied by others and to stop bullying altogether. You wish for everyone to be happy with themselves rather than be picked on for being different.

No Poverty
While this may be a tall order, you'd love to end poverty. So many people are suffering nowadays and wondering when they will eat next or if they will have a roof over their head. You want to help others about whether they'll have food or not and let them be happy.

Make Sure Everyone Gets An Education
When people are educated, more opportunities in life open up to them and you want that for others. You want them to learn and have an interest in knowledge. You want others to go into a field they'll be happy learning in.

Try To Stop The Spread Of Hatred
When people get upset or feel inferior to others, they usually have a sense of hatred towards them. Hatred can consume a person and make others turn to violence. You want people to learn to be calm and be happy.

End Animal Cruelty
There's nothing you hate more than seeing an animal being hurt. You're against animal abuse and you wish to clear it from the hurt. You want people to stop hurting animals that can barely defend themselves. Animals are nothing but full of love.