Are You Really An Adult?

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100% Adult
You are 100% an adult. Not only do you think in the rational manner that an adult would, but you carry yourself with grace and dignity. You have uncompromising confidence and a sense of who you are. You never second guess your choices and always move forward knowing you have what it takes to accomplish anything.

75% Adult
You are 75% an adult! While you almost always think with the rational and logical mindset of an adult, sometimes you feel vulnerable and uncertain like a younger person would. You often find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed by new situations and seek guidance from those around you.

50% Adult
You are 50% adult! Half of the time, you are total adult in your decisions and thoughts. The other half of the time, you let your youthful side take hold and call the shots. We don't think there's anything wrong with a healthy mix of youth and adulthood. In fact, we think that's the perfect balance!

30% Adult
You are 30% adult! More than half of the time, you make decisions with youthful ambivalence. You don't always consider consequences and often make decisions based on gut feelings rather than on facts. While it's awesome to maintain your youthful exuberance, remember that some things are worth mulling over like an adult!

10% Adult
You are 10% adult! Somewhere along the line, you decided that acting like a grown up just wasn't for you. You concluded that your life would be fun, adventurous, and full of freedom. While it's easy to think that you're living the dream, remember that thinking like an adult is important too!