How Green Is Your Lifestyle?

You don't have to be Superman to save the world. Just changing a few habits can make a big difference!

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super green!
You have a passion for nature, and you do everything in your power to take as little as from the earth as you can, while giving as much as you can back. From the fumes that come out of your tailpipe to the wrapper around your candy bar, nothing slips through your fingers.

on the right track.
You are well aware of the toll that humanity has taken on this planet, and you don't think it's right. You try to live a clean lifestyle, but there are a few luxuries that you can't afford (or can't afford to do without!) Overall, however, you little efforts are adding up to make a difference!

You feel sad when you see pictures of bulldozers in rain forests or overflowing landfills--but those images are pretty much 'out of sight, out of mind.' When it's convenient, you'll choose to throw your trash in a recycling bin or by products made out of sustainable material, but when it's inconvenient...oh well!

Global warming? That's not a real thing! And you're pretty sure that most plastic is biodegradable too. Anyways, you have bigger problems to deal with than the environment. If it really becomes a problem, the next generation can deal with it.