What Is Your Spiritual Gift?

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You have a faith that just can't be shaken. No matter how chaotic the situation may become, you hold hope that everything will eventually turn out alright. People look to you in times of need because of your unbreakable faith.

Your life experiences and obstacles have blessed you with a wisdom that many can't even imagine. You know the answers to even the most difficult of questions in life. People admired and respect you for your vast knowledge and helpful ways.

With your charismatic and friendly personality, you have no trouble making people listen to your words. You know how to spread the message in a way that makes everyone want to listen. You use whatever is at your disposal in order to communicate with your community.

You know the difference between good and evil in even the most difficult of situations. You know when someone's intentions are pure and when they aren't and you use that to your advantage. You have a confidence to make decisions that others couldn't dream of.

You have an ability that very few people have because it's one that cannot be learned. The only way to obtain this ability is by someone of a higher power. The truth always comes to you like a light and you tend to make decisions based on your gut instincts.