What Kind Of Hippie Are You?

Hippie culture had a lot of unique pockets. Find out whether you'd be groovier at a sit-in or a love-in with this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Flower Child
You are the pure essence at the heart of hippie culture. Peace, love, and harmony are your hallmarks. You want a return to a Garden of Eden-type world, where everyone and everything coexisted in love.

So you might not actually follow the Dead, but you love the kinship of a community of followers. Whether it's the Dead or Phish, Woodstock or Burning Man, you'll be there, ready to tune in and drop out.

Merry Prankster
Hop on the most famous hippie bus, the Furthur, and take a trip or head across the country to obliterate the nation--not by destruction but by the blowing of minds! You'll meet nearly every icon of the hippie movement, drowning in tie-dye and psychedelic imagery, both figurative and literal, and you'll never have to bow to the establishment again!

You're a countercultural revolutionary that will risk everything for what you believe in. You'll sit in, stand up, and even nominate a real pig for president!

Advanced Soul
You're trying to reach the ultimate enlightenment, man. You know how to breathe and 'om' and let your mind go, and you probably don't have to look at a chakra chart to know what color your solar plexus is. When you do reach your highest state, you'll live a selfless life, both politically and spiritually.

Alley Cat
You went to the Summer of Love for just one reason--or two, maybe. The point is, you weren't there to drop out; you were there to drop in to some free love, mind-bending parties, and great music!