How Will Your Home Look In Two Years?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Victorian Home
You will have a home that was built around the turn of the next century. It will be a beautiful but intimidating home to live in. It will have lots of incredible features like bay windows and large porches.

Craftsman House
Your future home will have a house that shares characteristics of a bungalow and prairie home. It will have features including low pitched roofs with intersecting garbles and exposed rafters.

You will have a home that's rather small but quaint. It has features such as a ground floor filled with rooms and they're usually located in rural areas.

Ranch House
You will have a house that contains low to the ground profiling. It will use a minimalistic amount of decor for the interior and exterior. It fuses modern ideals with the ideas of the American western.

Colonial House
These type of homes are usually custom built are made quite well in terms of things. They have been a mainstay of residential architecture and are sure to be quite cozy.