What Would Be Your Nickname In Prison?

Here are all the results with descriptions

While you may come off rather nice to those around you, it's all downhill once they get you mad. You will do just about anything to get your revenge and make sure someone regrets what they've done.

While the name may seem rather simple, it fits you actually quite well. You're a rather sly individual and people in the prison rarely catch you doing things. You know how to keep yourself out of trouble and keep others guessing.

This may be a rather common nickname but it's one that fits you well. You're a ruthless person when you need to be and you're not above doing some dirty work to get your way.

You've heard this nickname before most likely but it's a nickname that just fits you so well. It plays off of your stature, especially because you tend to be pretty intimidating to those around you.

You're definitely someone people don't want to mess with. You aren't afraid of confrontation and you've gotten into fights more time than you can count.