Which Former Astronaut Could You Have Been?

Astronauts are all brave individuals, but they all had their different styles. Which astronaut would you have been?


Here are all the results with descriptions

Yuri Gagarin
This Russian astronaut was as crazy as he was brave. He was the first human to go to space. Upon re-entry, his capsule malfunctioned and, despite experiencing G forces seven times what should have knocked him unconscious, he was able to stabilize his plummeting capsule and then parachute to safety and even crack a joke when some farmers found him upon landing. Not often do you find people who can keep that kind of a sense of humor!

Gordon Cooper
This coolheaded astronaut was able to manually control his space shuttle to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere. He used the constellations to orient his spacecraft at the correct angle. Had he miscalculated, he would have either burnt up upon re-entry or skipped off into space, never to be heard from again. Talk about problem solving under pressure!

Neil Armstrong
The first man to walk on the moon, Armstrong was known to be strong willed, calm, and collected. Armstrong captured the world's attention and symbolized the human need to push boundaries and soar to new heights!

Buzz Aldrin
Buzz was the second man to walk on the moon, but it isn't just his bravery in space that makes him amazing. He also battled and conquered problems with drugs and alcohol. He has become an advocate for people struggling with addictions. He also has a great sense of humor, appearing on TV shows like '30 Rock'!

Jim Lovell
Lovell didn't get to realize his dream of walking on the moon when his very famous mission, Apollo 13, experienced major failures and he was forced to use the moon's gravity to slingshot their spacecraft back toward Earth. It was truly a miracle that he and his crew survived, and it was in large part due to his quick thinking and ability to think under pressure.

Chris Hadfield
This Canadian is the ISS commander. He is known for his gentle spirit and his amazing social media skills. He is, for sure, a twenty-first century astronaut. Keep up the tweets and who knows where you will find yourself! It might just be out of this world!