Who Is Your Man Alter Ego?

Here are all the results with descriptions

George Clooney
It's no surprise that this A-list heartthrob is your alter ego. You have confidence and charisma that leaves other wanting to know you better. You're a smooth talker and you can easily win over anyone you choose.

John Stamos
If you were wondering who could be your alter ego, than look no further! You have a mysterious aura about you that just appeals to others.

Bruce Springsteen
There's no one else who could be your perfect alter ego than Bruce Springsteen. You have a pretty laid-back attitude but you're also pretty sensitive. You express your emotions and thoughts in a creative way.

Tom Cruise
There's no one better to be your alter ego than Tom Cruise. You're a traditional type of person at heart who tries to help those in need.

Johnny Depp
The person who happens to be your alter ego is none other than Johnny Depp! You have a bit of rebellious in your blood and you're not afraid to challenge authority.