Can We Guess The Gender Of Your First Born Based On Your Food Preferences?

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Based on your food preferences, you're definitely going to have a girl first! Your love of all things sweet, saccharine, and a bit indulgent leads us to believe that you're just the type who would have a baby girl first. You're ready for a little princess that you can spoil rotten!

Based on your food preferences you're likely going to have a baby boy first! You'll eat anything that's savory, spicy, or a bit on the wild side. You're an adventurous eater who loves to try cuisines from all around the globe. Your wild spirit and curiosity make you the perfect candidate to parent a little boy!

It's Anyone's Guess!
Based on your food preferences, the sex of your baby is going to be a total and complete surprise! Your food preferences are a bit all over the map! You can go from craving sweet to savory in a matter of seconds. Your choices often depend on your mood at the moment. Because of this, it's almost impossible to make a call on the gender of your future little one!