Are You More Angelina Jolie Or Jennifer Aniston?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Anjelina Jolie
Bsed on your preferences, you are definiitely more Angelina Jolie. You've lead a complicated life that can often lead others to viewing you as standoffisih or uppity, in reality, you're as kind and generous as they come. You truly value the feelings of others and would do anything to help your fellow human being feel a little bit better.

Jennifer Aniston
Based on your preferences, you are definitely more like Jennier Aniston. You're bubbly, warm and effervescent. You can charm the pants off of just about anyone. You're a guys girl and will often hang with groups of men rather tahn women. Of course, you're also an amazing friend to your gal pals as well.

A Mix Of Both
Based on your preferences, you're a mix of both of these talented ladies. You can be charming but also deep, bubbly but contemplative. You're no one trick pony. You can change moment by moment to fit any mood or situation.