How Much Of A Psychopath Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

100% Psychopath
You better get checked out by your therapist! Based on your results, you're a psychopath for sure! You may be a danger to yourself and others.

75% Psychopath
You have psychopathic tendencies and should get it checkout out before you get any worse. You are almost 100% fully psychopath!

50% Psychopath
You are borderline psychopath! At times, you do your best to be a good person but sometimes your psychopathic ways get the best of you. The good outweighs the bad though, remember that!

25% Psychopath
You have done something some people would consider to be psychopathic once or twice but overall, you're a good person and try your best to rise above it.

Not A Psychopath
You are no where close to being a psychopath. Not to worry! No need to visit a therapist! You're a good person with not a bad bone in your body.