What Type Of Warrior Are You?

Take this short quiz that will tell you what type of warrior is buried deep inside if you. This quiz will let you know what time period you would have survived in based on your warrior type.


Here are all the results with descriptions

Not a warrior at all
You are not a warrior at all, you are an intellectual and you should not be putting yourself in to any situations that call for an actual warrior. You are the very definition of a lover not a fighter.

Native American warrior
You are a hunter, you are a gatherer, you are a protector of your family. You are a throwback to what Native American warriors used to be like. You are the tyoe that could go completely off the grid and still survive.

You are all things that are honorable that is why your warrior type is the samurai. There has never been a warrior throughout history that encompasses this virtue more than the samurai, and this is a mirror image of who you are.

What made the Vikings such fearsome warriors was the shear size of them and their tenacity. This is why your warrior type is the viking, you are a massive individual and you will not find anyone that is more tenacious than you.

Modern soldier
You put country over everything you have been groomed your whole life to be a soldier, so it is no surprise that your warrior type is modern soldier. You are the tyoe that would put your life on the line for your country and not think anything of it.

No one has more pride in where they are from than you. You love your home land and would protect it against all regardless of the odds. You have no fear and that lack of fear is why the spartan warrior is ideal for you.