Which 1960s Values Would You Use Today?

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Respecting Your Elders
The one set of values from the 1960s that you would still practice today (and often do) is the value of always respecting your elders. In the 1960's, the thought of talking down to someone older than you was truly looked down upon. While kids these days are wholly more outspoken, you'd never dream of treading on those that came before you.

Eating Dinner With Your Family
The 1960's value that you would still practice today is eating dinner with your family! So often families today never sit down for a meal together. In the 1960's this was a very different story. You would love to re-start the value of always eating together as a family.

Leaving The House Put Together
The one value that you would adopt from the 1960's is leaving the house looking put together! In current society, we will often go out wearing clothes that would one time have only been used for sleeping in. Throughout the 60's, women often wouldn't leave the house without looking wholly put together!

Having Good Manners
The one value that you would take from the 1960's is the idea of having good manners. You still frequently use "sir" and "mam" in your everyday life. You always hold the door for others and you'd never dream of saying an impolite thing in public.

Work Hard Play Hard
The value you would take from the 1960's is "work hard play hard." Individuals in the 1960's worked their tails off, but with their efforts they could afford a nice house, vacations, and lots of leisure time. Nowadays, it's often a bit backwards.