How Traditional Are You?

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You Are Totally Modern
You are modern, not traditional at all! Your forge your own path in your life. You don't follow the paths made by others. You can learn more about the cultures around you instead of just focusing on your own. You are sure to make waves in your life by starting something new!

You Are Mostly Modern
You are a mostly modern person. You likely hold onto some traditions, most likely when it comes to holidays and things like that. You may pass down these traditions when you have a family of your own, but you are almost sure to make some new traditions of your own.

You Are A Mix Of Modern And Traditional
You are a mix of both modern and traditional, about 50/50, actually. You make sure to carry on some of your family's traditions, but you don't follow the ones that you don't like. Part of you takes care to remember your culture, while the other part mixes in the modern aspec

You Are Mostly Traditional
You are mostly traditional. Some parts of yourself love to try new things, but for the most part, you know it is important to carry down old traditions. You will make sure to celebrate holidays, wear some traditional clothing, and respect the older generations in your family.

You Are Totally Traditonal
There doesn't seem to be a part of you that isn't wrapped up in tradition. You follow your culture's traditions every holiday, wear the traditional clothes when you can, and you can even probably speak your culture's language! You are sure to carry down these traditions to other generations to keep them going strong!