Which Brady Bunch Female Character Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Carol Brady
Carol Brady is one of TVs best mothers. She is always there for her children, she cares about her church, and she takes care of everyone as well as she can. Any mother would be lucky to be like her, so you must be lucky, because you are so much like her!

Marcia Brady
Marcia is beautiful, popular, and a little bossy. She is not afraid to show her confidence, and she's also not afraid to let her insecurities show. She has some problems, but she always knows how to get through them, just like you do.

Jan Brady
Jan Brady is the middle Brady daughter, and she shows many signs of being a middle child. Even though she is beautiful like her sister, she is jealous of her at times. She can be insecure, as well. She never stops trying to make a name for herself, and this shows that she is not a quitter. Like you, even when life gets rough, she always finds a way to get through it.

Cindy Brady
Cindy Brady is the youngest of the Brady girls. She is treated like the baby of the family. Everyone thinks she is a precious little girl, and she used this to her advantage. She can be a tattle-tale, but everyone still loves her, just like everyone seems to love you and your personality!