What Is Your Dream Car?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your dream car would be a convertible! It's cute and stylish. It has a touch of class without being boring. This little car can help you to zip around the town as often as you like!

You dream car is a pickup truck. It's nothing fancy, but it can get the job done. You want a car that is built for both power and speed, and a pickup truck is the most dependable car for the job. That's why it is perfect for you!

Sports Car
A sports car is fast, expensive, and sure to be the talk of the town. Whether you actually want to race in the streets, or just show off your car in the driveway, the sports car is the perfect way to do either! This car is perfect for you!

Classic Car
A classic car is well, classic! These cars can be charming or tough, depending on what kind you get. You can feel great, working hard to restore one, or you can buy one that's already restored and drive around while pretending you are from another decade. Either way, this type of car is sure to be perfect for you!

Custom Car
A custom car would be perfect for you because it could be customized just for you! Imagine it, a car of your own design... it's way better than anything you could buy from a car dealership. A custom car can be anything you make it, which is why it is a perfect fit for your creative personality.