What Is Your Best Technique For Raising Kids?

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Encourage Special Skills
Your parenting technique is to encourage special skills! Not only do you never underestimate the power of unstructured play, but you recognize your child's unique gifts and talents. Each day you show your children that through ambition, hard work, and practice, they can accomplish their wildest dreams!

Don't Try And Fix Everything
The parenting technique that you implement most often is to not try and fix everything. Though it can be tempting to try and solve every problem for your little ones, you always give your kids a chance to find their own solutions. By doing this, your teaching your child self reliance and resilience, two invaluable skills!

Make Warm Memories
The parenting technique that you often implement is making warm memories! Childhood flies by in the blink of an eye. Though your children likely won't remember everything you say to them, they will recall the family rituals and traditions. Acts such as bedtime, reading, game night, and trips will turn into warm memories they will carry forever.

Be A Role Model
The parenting technique that you implement is being a role model for your children! You understand that kids most often learn by watching their parents. When you model ethics, respect, and good behavior: they learn right from wrong without having to stumble along the way.

Teaching Gratitude
The parenting technique that you implement is teaching and demonstrating how to practice gratitude. You know that practicing gratitude for what you have makes for a better life and a better outlook. Each night, you ask your child what they're grateful to have. Not only will this teach kids to place value on the right things, but it makes everyone involved feel much better!