What Is Your Soap-Opera Name?

There are some great names on soap operas, and they all portray a sense of personality. What is your soap-opera name?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You love the finer things in life. You enjoy having money and spending money. You also like people to be jealous of your style and flair. While you may always be fresh and on trend, you are never trashy! You are a timeless classic, and you portray style and grace everywhere you go!

You are a bubbly, fun-loving personality. You try hard to be a friend to everyone, but your boy-crazy ways sometimes get you in hot water with your girlfriends. You always have the latest fashion, and you dress yourself to express your fun personality!

You are a hot cup of tea. You seem to attract romantic attention everywhere you go! You don't mean to be sexy; you just are! The way you talk, walk, and dress all seem to be sensual, even when you aren't trying!

You are the hardworking girl from the wrong side of the tracks! You don't care about fashion and/or image; you care about people. A bit of a tomboy, you like to pal around with the guys. Just be careful, as many of them see you as more than just their best buddy!

Much like your namesake, the goddess of war, you don't take any crap from anyone. You are strong-willed and powerful. You love to be in charge, and you will do anything to keep power. You don't mind manipulating people or going behind someone's back to get what you want. You control your own destiny.

You are sweet and kind, but you have a problem of just letting life happen to you. You seem to constantly be in turmoil, and people manipulate you and push you around way too easily. It is time you take control of all the drama and start standing up for yourself!