How Spanish Are You?

Do you have a Spanish heritage? Do you love the Spanish culture? Find out how Spanish you are by taking this fun quiz!

Tags: Spain, Culture, Tradition

Here are all the results with descriptions

Have No Spanish Traits
You don't seem to have any of the traits typically attributed to the Spanish. You might love Spanish culture, but it doesn't seem like you would fit in well in that world--at least not without a change of heart!

Don't Really Have Many Spanish Traits
There are a few common traits that you share with the Spanish, but most people share some of them. You just don't have enough of them to really say you are very Spanish. That is no big deal. You do you!

Have Some Spanish Traits
You really do share several traits with the Spanish. You could certainly claim that you are a little Spanish, but don't go bragging about it too much, as it wouldn't take long before you would come up short on the real Spanish traits!

Are Very Spanish!
You are passionate, fun-loving, and warm--all the most important traits of being Spanish. You share many more traits with the Spanish, and there is no doubt that you would fit right in, should you decide to move to Spain.

Are Truly Spanish at Heart!
You are passionate, caring, hotheaded, wild, nocturnal, hardworking, family oriented, food-loving, and colorful. Those are just a few of the many Spanish characteristics you possess. You are truly Spanish at heart!