Are You Mafia Material?

Do you think you have what it takes to live outside the law at all times. Find out if you are mafia material or not!

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Were Born to Be in the Mafia
You love life on the edge. You enjoy fine things, and you don't mind running over a few people (sometimes literally) to get them. You know how to keep secrets and make friends who owe you favors. You were born to be in the mafia.

Would Do Just Fine in the Mafia
You know how to look out for number one, and you can smell a rat a mile away. You have good intuition when it comes to whether people are being straight with you or if you are about to be double-crossed. While you prefer to do things aboveboard, so to speak, you will get your hands dirty if necessary to get what you want.

Could Be the Brains but Not the Brawn for the Mafia
You are good at problem solving, and you are happy to use any means necessary to solve said problems. You are more of a lover than a fighter, so you would need someone else to be your muscle. But, with your street smarts, you shouldn't have to rough people up too often. You are better at using psychology to get people to do what you want.

Would Have to Watch Your Back in the Mafia
You double-cross people a little too easily, and you are not known for your ability to keep secrets. You are also easily tempted to buddy up to whoever is offering you the best deal at the time. If you were in the mafia, you would have to watch your back at all times.

Would Never Survive in the Mafia
You can't stomach seeing other people get hurt, and you usually sacrifice your own happiness to protect others. You are also constantly worried about getting caught breaking rules. Secrets make you nervous, and sneaking around gets your heart racing. You are just not cut out to be in the mafia.

Are Far Too Kindhearted for the Mafia
You love to help others succeed, and it just isn't in your nature to want anything in return. You are a nurturer by nature, and you could never hurt someone emotionally or physically (at least not on purpose). You are all about bettering your community and working with local authorities to help keep all people safe and happy. You are just too kindhearted to be in the mafia.