Which City In Arizona Is Best For You?

It sounds like you belong in the desert, but in which city?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You enjoy sunshine, beautiful people, and gorgeous nature, which suits you perfectly to Phoenix, the most populous capital city in the United States! Your love of sports will satisfied, as Phoenix is one of only 12 U.S. cities to represent all of the major professional sports leagues, making it a great home to sports fans and extroverts. The city has a long history as well, which will tickle your intellect whenever you feel up to indulging and visiting any of the many cultural sites around the city.

You are equal parts a people-person and someone who needs to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, so may we recommend Tucson? It's situated near Phoenix as well as the Mexican border, so you can indulge in your wanderlust whenever you choose, as well hit up the city's many clubs and bars when you are feeling social. There are dozens of festivals year round making this a destination city you will want to fly your loved ones to for visits as much as possible.

You are introverted and value your 'you' time above all else - that's why you can soak up the calm vibes in ones of Scottsdale's many destination spas or along the downtown waterfront. You like sports, and thankfully Scottsdale can provide some world-class facilities for golf, hiking, and rock climbing, ensuring you are getting the physical workout you need to keep your senses sharp. If you get bored of that as you sometimes do, just visit one of the area's many historical sites such as the country's first Post Office and very old churches to ignite your interest in the heritage of the city.

You enjoy a mix of alone time as well as community involvement, and that is reflected in your interests, hobbies, and career dreams. Luckily, Arizona has a city that could meet all your criteria as well keep you happy exploring Mother Nature. Chandler's Community Services Department offers award-winning facilities to citizens for fitness, sports, and hosting special events so you can make a few friends while recharging in a spectacular space.

You love cruising in your car and wandering aimlessly with your favorite music, seeing the sites, so Flagstaff which is situated near the Grand Canyon and historic Route 66 is a perfect spot for you. It gets more variation in weather than some other regions in the state so you can be happy knowing you want be entirely sun-bleached if you live there for awhile! You love the arts, and Flagstaff has many theaters, orchestras, and music venues to keep you happy any night of the year.

You enjoy time with others as long as you know them well, so you tend to like activities geared around small groups or gatherings. Thankfully Tempe is ripe with settings to accommodate you, such as a beautiful lake, hiking trails, and great dining destinations where you and your closest friends can enjoy each other's company. The city is home to Arizona State University, so you can keep your brain active taking courses in your favorite subjects, as you always like to learn new skills and acquire more knowledge. The economy is strong as well, so you can feel secure knowing a good job is there for you when you are willing to take the plunge.