Which 'Peter Pan' Character Are You?

Do you dream of flying away with Peter? Find your doppelganger and stow away for the ride!

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a carefree person with a thirst for adventure! You live in the present moment, and you know how to wring the maximum excitement out of each second, whether through bold feats or imaginary games. Other people are charmed by the fun and freedom that you bring to life, but they might be disillusioned when they realize you are a little self-absorbed.

Tinker Bell!
You are a saucy person with a taste for the finer things in life. Left to yourself, you have a knack for cultivating beauty and adding a bit of magic to life, but when other people try to interfere with you, they quickly discover that you are not all smiles and fairy dust! You are quick-witted, and you won't hesitate to implement a clever plan for revenge!

Tiger Lily!
You are so self-composed, you're almost regal! You walk lightly through the world with your head held high, leaving no path of destruction in your wake (as most people do!) No one can shame you, and very few people can charm you. Even when you're angry, you keep a grip on your emotions and make just decisions. Other people are amazed by your serenity and look to you for guidance.

Captain Hook!
You are a born romantic, and you have a poetic taste for both beauty and darkness. Thus, you are capable of both fantastic and diabolical acts. Your innate perfectionism might plague you at times, making you feel inadequate even when you are at the top of your game, and you are very sensitive to criticism. Other people often misunderstand you. They don't see the bleeding heart beneath your polished exterior.

You are both a practical and a kindhearted person. Your attention to detail makes you an excellent nurturer. You never forget your friends' favorite midnight snacks, and you always have an extra umbrella to lend out! Some people might think of you as a fussy old matron, but when your generosity and foresight help them out of a sticky spot, they won't be able to resist loving you!

Mrs. Darling!
You are the essence of grace itself, always speaking softly and saying merry things. You believe in showering love on your friends, and you never hold back a happy impulse, like dancing or laughing. Still, you keep a few innocent secrets to yourself. You must have something to keep the sparkle of mischief alive in your eyes!