What Classic American Food Are You?

Wondering what classic American food you are? Stop wondering and find out by taking this fun quiz!

Tags: Meal, Tradition

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Burger
You're popular, and everyone wants to get to know you. You get along well with others, but you tend to be the center of attention. That being said, you're very flexible and aren't above trying new things.

A Hot Dog
You're classic yet simple. Much like a hot dog, you're flexible in that you tend to get along with most people and partner well into teams. Just like chili dogs are tasty, but also ketchup and mustard, you are known for changing things up easily. You love baseball and know how to form long-lasting friendships.

You're sweet but not overly sweet. You love mashed potatoes, and you believe that food should have a nostalgic factor to it. Sometimes the best stuff is made right at home. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. Did we mention that you totally love old things, like from the 1970s even?

You're sweet, and you love fall weather. You love fire and being able to socialize outdoors. Your idea of a good time is to simply pull up a chair and eat some food with others. You value friendships, deep talks, and jokes.