Which Actress Are You?

Do you have a Red Carpet twin? Take this simple quiz and find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Angelina Jolie
You are elegant and somewhat elusive. You have a wild side or at least you did in your youth. In recent years you have matured and become deeply interested in and concerned about the world around you. Family is very important to you. Oh yes, and you're drop-dead gorgeous, too.

Natalie Portman
You're elegantly sexy. And you're intelligent, too! It's a heady combination. As a result, people are often tongue-tied around you. And yet you can keep people riveted with the sound of your voice alone.

Meryl Streep
You're an amazing person. You are astonishingly talented. For most people, that would be enough. But you are also intelligent and funny. What's more, you are dignified, humble, and sensible. Come to think of it, you should run for president.

Nicole Kidman
You're just like the girl next door. Except the girl next door hasn't won an Oscar for her talents. You're also very sweet and gentle. Family is important to you.

Halle Berry
You are strikingly beautiful and sweet to boot. And, as a result of facing numerous adversities throughout your life, you are strong. But you don't seem tough. You project an air of vulnerability. There's something fragile about you, which makes people want to take care of you.

Jodie Foster
Although you laugh it off when other people describe you as sexy, you definitely are. You will certainly admit that you are comfortable in your body and with your age. This makes you an excellent role model. You are also talented, witty, and intelligent. The total package!