Where Should You Live In Scandinavia?

Do you long to live along a beautiful fjord or a majestic coastline? Find out which Scandinavian country is for you!

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An otherworldly landscape is just what you need. From geothermal springs to elves on your doorstep, Iceland is about as enchanting as it gets. Government is truly by the people, for the people. If you like to party, Iceland is the place, but there is also a lot of peaceful beauty to help you recharge.

Greenland is perfect for a person who wants to escape an overpopulated society but still be a part of a close-knit community. The country only has 56,000 residents. The capital city is home to 16,000, and ex-pats say that you feel like you know pretty much everyone. The landscape is more than ice; it's actually quite beautiful in the summer months. In the winter, it's a skier's paradise! Getting around is fun too; it's all done by helicopter, plane, and dogsleds.

Denmark is the ultimate homeland for foodies! Copenhagen is home to the world's best restaurant--Noma--as well as a bevy of other eateries and street food. It's home of the Danish, for one. When you're not savoring deliciousness, you will be entertained and enriched by culture, festivals, and music! Oh, and don't miss the coastline. The beaches are glorious. The Little Mermaid endorses them highly.

Norway is the world's happiest country. What greater reason to live there? It's home to some of the world's most breathtaking scenery, salty whirlpools up to 10 meters wide, the midnight sun, northern lights, and so much more! The country has several UNESCO World Heritage sites, some that are honored because of long-standing (like 1,500 years) environmentally sustainable cultures.

It's all about ease in Sweden. You're taken care of in every imaginable way, from free health care to free university. Yes, taxes are high, but your cost of living is lowered through free programs. Recreation and a slow pace are part of the culture, like inviting a friend to take a pause in the day for coffee and pastries. Winter sports are big, as is taking full advantage of the summer light, with trips to the beach or one of 30,000 islands, or enjoying the countryside.

Do you want less stress in your life and an easier road to the top? Then Finland is for you. In addition to the beauty and incredible cultural benefits, Finlanders don't start school until they're seven, have no homework or tests until high school, go to university free, and still manage to be in the top countries for high scores. Getting jobs is easier too!