What Is Your British Royal Name?

The British royals have distinguished, beautiful, and well-known names. What would your British royal name be? Find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are fiery and smart. You have a temper, but you are wise about when to control it. You don't let anyone be in charge of you or your decisions. To those closest to you, you might be a sweet little Lizzy, but the rest of the world knows you to be a strong and powerful Elizabeth!

You are brave but quiet. You carefully think through every choice you make, and you seek the advice of others when things are really on the line. You believe in the power of many minds, and you believe in taking care of everyone in your life.

You are ruled by your heart. You are religious and follow the will of your god. You believe that good things come to good people and bad things come to bad people. You believe in trying to put things out into the world that make it a better place, but you don't always live up to your own expectations.

You are a bit mischievous, but you don't mean any true harm. You love having fun, and you don't take anyone or anything too seriously. You are kind and lighthearted. You forgive and forget easily!

You may be plain on the outside, but you are beautiful on the inside. You value people, and you encourage others to make a contribution in any way they can. People trust you quickly because you are very warm and sincere!

You play by the rules and highly value manners. You support education, and you believe strongly in true love. You may be very straitlaced, but you do wear your heart on your sleeve when it comes to romance behind closed doors.