Men's Fashion Quiz

Do you have classic fashion tastes or do you rock the latest trends? See if we can accurately describe label your sense of style by answering questions about your wardrobe and personality!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

a Classic Man!
You tend to gravitate towards classic cuts and pieces, such as three-piece suits, cufflinks, and wingtip dress shoes. You figure that classic style remains classic for a reason, so you tend to follow the style guidelines set by fashion gurus that came before you.

a Dapper Don!
You like the old-school style, but like to add a little bit of your edge to it. You might wear a classic suit, but in an interesting color or a paired with an eye-catching tie. You like to take a few risks and make statements.

You keep your style clean-cut, but fairly casual. That is to say, you prefer polos and khakis over button-ups and slacks. You don't feel as though you have to sacrifice being comfortable to look good.

keepin' it real!
You love urban streetwear and most days you prefer matching your dark wash jeans with a crisp white tee and some Timberland boots. If you're feeling extra fancy you might throw on those Yeezy's or Jay's you saved up for and finally snagged.

all about that athleisure life!
You live in athletic wear. It's all muscle tees, hoodies, and track pants for you. Being comfortable is your number one priority and you invest in articles that can work both in the gym and on the street.

a country boy!
Fashion is all about fannel, cargo pants, boots, and beanies for you. Since you are outdoorsy, it only makes sense that your wardrobe would be chock-full of these items, and you were them unironically.