What Is Your Scottish Name?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a sweetheart: kind-hearted, caring, and polite. You are very selfless and always friendly to everyone you meet, even strangers! Because of these qualities, you have many friends who are attracted to how nice you are. Amy means 'loved,' and that you are!

You are a very wise person because you've been through a lot in life. No matter what the obstacle is, you know that you can overcome it with hard work and persistence. You are determined to succeed, driven, and ambitious. Audrey means 'noble' and 'strong,' and you are definitely these things!

You are very optimistic and cheerful, someone who always looks at the bright side of things. You know that life is too short to be upset about small issues all the time, so you prefer to smile through any adversity. This positive attitude is definitely contagious, and you love making others' days sunnier. Beatrice means 'bringer of happiness' - the perfect name to match your personality!

Sophia means 'wisdom.' You are intelligent, detail-oriented, and focused. You are very observant and perceptive when it comes to every day life and reading others. You are very connected to your mind, body, and spirit, and because of this, you are always cool, calm, collected, and peaceful.

You always aim to be the life of the party wherever you go. You are social and outgoing, and you're able to fit in with whatever group of people you're with. Not only that, you stand out and shine in any social situation so that others always look up to you. Morag means 'the great one,' which is what you're used to being!