Are You A Yes Man/Woman?

Do you say 'yes' too much? You may be a yes man or a yes woman, and others may be taking advantage of you. Take this quiz to find out if you are a Yes Man or Woman.

Here are all the results with descriptions

a Yes Man/Woman without a doubt.
You are 'yes' personified. If others so much as raise an eyebrow, you jump to see what they want and how you can get it for them. You think you are kind, but saying yes isn't always the right thing to do. Besides, others take advantage of you. Say no a few times and see who your real friends are.

a bit of a pushover.
You are not a full-blown Yes Man/Woman, but you have a lot of the tendencies, so you may earn the title soon if you don't make some changes. It's great to make people happy, but try not to say no if it's not the best decision.

a Maybe baby.
You don't like to commit, do you? Rather than definitive 'yes' or 'no,' you prefer to give wishy-washy answers that don't really mean anything. It's okay to say maybe if you need time to make an informed decision, but you're not doing anybody any favors if you never actually make a real choice.

well-balanced and reasonable.
Sometimes you say yes, and sometimes you say no. Either way, you give a reasonable amount of thought into weighing the pros and cons of a yes or no answer. You are not a Yes Man/Woman, nor do you say no without a logical reason.

a crabapple.
When you say yes, you do it grudgingly. No is your response of choice. You might want to ask yourself why you are so disagreeable. If you can make others happy by saying yes to a reasonable request, why not do it? You might find that being nice to others lifts your spirits.

the opposite of a Yes Man/Woman.
Would it kill you to say yes once in a while? You disagree for the sake of disagreement. Saying no without weighing the pros and cons is just as bad as saying yes all of the time. You may find that you get more respect from your peers and better outcomes if you take the time to make a logical decision.