What to Draw?

Whether you are an expert artist or a beginner, you might surprise yourself if you challenge your abilities by drawing something different than your usual!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

your pet.
It's time to take the relationship between you and your pet to the next level. (If you don't have a pet, borrow one from a friend!) The cool thing about this subject is that it's accessible all day every day. You can try different lighting and angles, and as long as you provide snacks, your little friend will be happy to pose.

Capturing the shape, transparency, and reflections of glass will keep challenging you for a long time. After you master this trick art subject, anything else you draw in the future will seem like child's play!

facial expressions.
If it's a challenge you are after, facial expressions are a fun and rewarding subject for your next drawing. You can make a study of various emotions of the same model, or you can capture how a particular feeling looks on different faces. Have fun!

changing leaves.
Changing leaves are challenging, but not so much so that you will feel frustrated. If it's autumn and there are trees where you live, you will find inspiration in abundance. Take out your colored pencils for this one. You will want to capture the changing colors as well as the shapes of this remarkable art subject.

Paisley is a fun and creative thing to draw if you don't want to be too technical. You can draw it when you don't have a lot of supplies. You start with the simple teardrop shape and add layer after layer of detail until you have a neat pattern. Then, all you do is repeat the process all over the page.

a whiteboard design.
Don't get too attached to this drawing. Whiteboard designs tell a story starting with one part of the board with one sketch and moving to other regions. Many people film the process and pan back to reveal the whole board at the end. When you finish, erase the board and begin another story!