What Celebrity Do You Dress Like?

These simple questions will match your style and look to find your celebrity look-alike!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Kim Kardashian
You are elegant and always look polished to perfection. Your style is often emulated and considered classic, with solid colors and traditional cuts. You prefer to be dressed up, but your natural beauty shines through when you choose to keep it simple.

Kristen Stewart
You have a casual 'messy chic' style that is effortless and cool. You balance classic chicness with a playful edge, and don't care much if it doesn't 'match' because you look good either way. You like to mix and match tomboy style with girly elements, and the effect it has it a youthful, alluring freshness.

Miley Cyrus
You are artsy and wild, and your style reflects that. You may be found to pair high-end designer items with shopping mall scores, and pair it with simple makeup and statement jewelry. A huge part of your style is your adventurous and wild attitude and willingness to innovate and leave the mainstream.

Taylor Swift
You are sweet and innocent, with classically lovely features. You love feminine style and being girly, and dresses, tailored coats, and shiny hair are your signature look. You have an 'off duty model' look even when you are having a casual day in, but always look put together for errands and work.

Nicki Minaj
You love wild colors, prints, and innovative cuts. You stick to a classic winged eyeliner for makeup, but put a lot of thought into your ensembles. You could fit right at home in an international 'street style' blog, and your favorite designers are the most oddball, quirky ones.

You are an icon of fashion and style. What you do is closely emulated by fans and critics alike, but it never goes unnoticed. You can pull off classic, trendy, and adventurous styles, and you try everything. Even in a casual outfit you look like a million dollars, because your style comes from your powerful attitude and confidence.