Who Is My Ideal Woman?

Are you out there looking for your forever woman? It can be difficult to try and figure out which woman-type is the ideal partner for you. Let us help you get an answer to your most important question.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Girl Next Door.
You want a best friend. Someone you can trust, talk to about anything and turn to knowing they will always be there for you. There's a good chance that you've already met your girl next door woman. She's probably somewhere within your circle of friends. Maybe it's time to explore and see if you can make your friendship more than what it is.

The Sports Enthusiast.
Sports and everything surrounding them take up every free minute of your time. Whether it's talking about them, watching games on television, or loading up the car to drive hours to watch your favorite teams, that's all you care about. You need a lady that knows the games you are interested in so she can keep up with you.

The Pretty Princess.
It doesn't matter how high-maintenance your girl is. You love someone that spends hours a week pampering themselves, shopping, and doing everything they can to look good... mainly for you. You don't mind doing all the work and spoiling your lady. That's what makes this type your ideal woman.

The Professional.
A woman with poise in class is who you want in your life. You are most likely a professional-type yourself, so you need someone that can keep up with your lifestyle. Goals and ambitions are important to you, and you want someone that shares those feelings and ideas with you.

The Busy-Body.
You have your agenda, and that doesn't involve having a woman following you around all the time. While you enjoy your time with your lady, you need your space too to get your things done. That's why a busy-body is best for you. She will be off doing her things and won't even care that you have so much on your plate.

The Nurturer.
You clearly need someone in your life that is ready to take care of you. You need someone that is going to be there to rub your head when you aren't feeling well and make your lunch for you to go to work. There are lots of women like this out there, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one!