Which Color Best Suits Your Wedding?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your perfect wedding color is rose! Rose is a symbol of passion, romance, and true love. As a lover of tradition, it makes sense that you would choose this classic color to represent your wedding.

Your perfect wedding color is sapphire! Deep, mysterious, and beautiful, this color creates an aura of mystery and magic. Much like love, this color is full of passion and exotic allure.

Your perfect wedding color is sage! Calm and peaceful, sage is the perfect color of the mellow couple. Love is patient and content, this color represents both aspects of that well.

Your perfect wedding color is lavender! Is there anything sweeter or more innocent than lavender? We think not. Not only is lavender often associated with royalty and splendor, but it is the perfect backdrop to celebrating true love.

Your perfect wedding color is buttercup yellow! Buttercup is gender neutral, bright, and sunny. While it is a wonderful representation of the effervescence of love, it also represents the friendship that lies beneath your love.