How To Find Happiness?

A short quiz that will give anyone pointers on how to truly find happiness. There's only one life to live, so why not live it being happy?! There will always be stress factors in life in general, but learn to overcome them.

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Spending time with loved ones will truly bring you joy at this time in your life. You don't feel you see them enough because of your job or school. It's worth the sacrifice to make an extra effort to plan for time just to watch soap operas with Nana or help your mother in the kitchen. Find a way to spend more time with family and you will start to feel joy again.

Faith is your key to happiness. You have been though so much in the past year or so that you forgot how much praying to your higher being or even meditating can be beneficial to you. Start having your quiet time to reflect on thing and faith will be the key to your happiness.

Within yourself
Finding happiness is simply within you. Learn to be your own biggest fan. Push yourself to go harder and to not settle for mediocre. You have the power to dwell on all the good things that happen in a day or all the bad. Make the choice for your cup to be half full!

Be nice to others
Just like yawns are contagious, so are smiles. Be kind to complete strangers just because. Whether you take a few seconds to hold the door for someone at the gas station or pay for the person behind you meal at a fast food restaurant, by being positive towards others, you create a positive aura and will naturally become happy.

Create a bucket list
Think about what you'd love to do that you have been putting off for years and create a bucket list and follow though. Your life isn't in a bad state, but you have become bored with the same old things, so you don't feel happy. Step out of your comfort zone and go see the world! You will find happiness!

Physical Activity
Things seem to be going well for you, but you aren't happy with your body physically. Start off by just making time to walk every other day. Don't ever let 48 hours go between you and walking. Slowly add weight training and aerobics classes. Before you know it your body will start to show the effort you put in physical activity and you will feel happy.