Travel Trivia

How much do you know about travel? Not only the places you can go but about how to get there or where to read about it? Find out how much you know about travel with this fun quiz!

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Nothing about travel
Okay, maybe you know some things about travel - there is a whole world of travel out there - but you didn't know many or any of the travel trivia items in this quiz. All the better - if you didn't know any of it, you haven't seen any of it and now you have 29 travel ideas!

A little
You know a little bit about travel. You might have gone on a vacation outside of your home state at some point in your life. But it seems you are not a globe trotting tourist on a regular basis. Get out more and see the world - or at least your own country or region!

A few things
You know a few things about travel. You have an average amount of knowledge and probably travel somewhere once a year. You likely stick to some old favorites, but why not? If you can't move to your favorite places, it's always good to visit them. Still, broaden your horizons and try something new this year!

A lot
You know a lot about travel! You probably travel on a regular basis. Maybe not around the entire world, but you do get out and about. Not enough people travel. Share your love of travel with some friends and show them the ropes. Take them on vacation and show them what's out there!

EVERYTHING about travel
You probably have a Eurail Pass and have stayed in an Airbnb or hostel. You know where to get the best food in every port of call. You might even travel via the Google dropdown map guy when you're bored and stuck in one place. You might even be a digital nomad. If not, look into that - it's right up your alley!