Am I In Love With Him?

Are you questioning whether or not you are really in love with the guy in your life? If you are unsure about how you feel, take this quiz and we will help you figure it out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Not In Love With Him At All
There isn't anything that you love about the guy you are thinking about. Maybe you are together, maybe you aren't. Judging by your answers though, it's time for you to move on to big and better things and stop wasting your time.

Not Very In Love With Him
There are a couple of things that you love about your guy, but it doesn't appear that there are many. You might want to start reconsidering who this guy is in your life and whether or not he deserves a spot.

Somewhat In Love With Him
You are a somewhat in love with the guy you are thinking about, but you're far from being really in love. If it's something you're willing to work on, there might be a chance you can reach a higher level of love later on.

Kind Of In Love With Him
If there were an average amount of love level, you're at it. There are some things you love about this guy but some that you don't. It's up to you to determine whether or no it's worth keeping him around.

Very Much In Love With Him
You are very much in love with the special guy in your life. There may be a few things that he does that might irritate you a bit, but that's completely normal, and it doesn't mean that you love him any less.

Head-Over-Heels 100% In Love With Him
There isn't anything about this guy that you could love more. If there were a perfect score in love, you just aced the test. We're guessing the two of you are going to be very happy together. That is, as long as he feels the same way about you.