What Hair Color Is Best For Me?

Are you thinking of dyeing your hair a different color but you're not sure how dramatic you should go? Take this quiz to find the best color to dye your hair!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Dyed gray
This is the perfect color for when you want a bit of mystery and an ethereal air without going dark. It suits you better than dark colors and it doesn't stand out as much as brighter colors. If you want to give it a further touch of whimsy, add pastel lowlights, highlights, or streaks.

You need that extra air of mystery with a hint of danger. Whether it's because you want to exude sophistication or exhibit your wild and unpredictable nature doesn't matter. Black is the color for you. You can also add very subtle lowlights in dark blues, purples, or deep reds.

Bright colors
Get funky and fly your freak flag high! Don't settle for boring colors when you are chomping at the bit to express yourself! Get some bold, bright dye in primary colors and take the leap. Check out videos online to see all of the thousands of possibilities.

You want to go bold but you don't want obscure yourself or seem unapproachable. You also want to keep your day job and not attract ALL of the attention. You do want to attract attention, though. You could be subtle by taking your natural color a shade redder or go all the way with completely new color.

You want to add fun and all of the perks of being blonde (supposedly! ) so go ahead and do it. If you're worried it might wash you out, have your colorist hold various shades against your skin to determine which one will flatter you most.

Brown doesn't have to mousy. Think of all of the gorgeous and captivating brunettes in Hollywood. Brunettes cover a vast spectrum of hair color hues from warm honey browns to rich velvety browns to deep mahogany. There's a perfect shade of brown for you, so find it!